Membership Advantages



  • EDUCATION: a comprehensive program, multidisciplinary and solution-oriented, by top-notch lecturers   

  • NETWORKING: Access to ISOP ISRAEL international and Israeli network of members and partners

  • EXPERIENCE SHARING: with peers and colleagues of several disciplines 

  • EXPERTISE: access to renown experts from Israel and abroad 

  • UPDATE:  regulatory, innovation, literature, conferences... 

  • TOOLS: access to methodologic and IT tools, infographics, pocket-guide 

  • MENTORING: for implementation of our turnkey projects or your own innovative projects 

  • SHELTERING: your safety data in our E2B safety database,(while keeping your full ownership and privacy)

  • PATIENT EDUCATION: large range of documents, videos, training slide-deck for trainers

  • PREFERENTIAL FEES: to the educational program, translated tools, mentoring, E2B safety database

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