International Advisory Board

Chairman of the Board

Prof  Hervé  Le Louët

CEO of  WHO Uppsala International Drug Monitoring Center 

Past President, CIOMS*, Past President ISOP, EU Commission Representative in EMA Pharmacovigilance and Risk Assessment Committee

* CIOMS: Council of International Organizations of Medical Sciences established by WHO (World Health Organization), designing guidelines and standards, basis of all the regulations worldwide.

Prof. Ronald Litman

ISMP Medical Director, Prof. Pediatric Anesthesiology University Hospital, Philadelphia, appointed FDA Advisory Committee, Chair FDA AADPA,

Prof. Nick Sevdalis

King’s College London, Centre for Implementation Science and Patient Safety

Dr    Michael Cohen

Founder & Director of ISMP, Institute for Safe Medication Practices,

ISMP : working with FDA for 35 years to prevent medication errors

Peter Pitts

President, Center for Medicine in Public Interest, past FDA Associate-Commissioner


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