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INDIA in the series: COVID Vaccines Around The World

19 May 2021, 2:00-3:30 pm, GM+2 Dr Chinmaya Mahapatra, PhD Pharmacovigilance Associate Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Ghaziabad, U. P., Ministry of Health, India Editor in Chief of the Journal of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Research, JPADR, in collaboration with the Global Pharmacovigilance Society Dr Maya Sharma, MD Global Medical Director, Win Medicare, Modi-Mundipharma, Signutra, India Member of the Advisory Board of the JPADR To register : click HERE


A new ISOP ISRAEL series, starting the 19 May with India How do the countries or regions cope with the Covid 19? How do they organize their vaccination campaigns ? What countries /regions ? India, USA, Israel, Latin America, Europe SAVE YOUR DATES : already confirmed 19 May : India 2 July : Latin America

Dr Itai Gueta Tells Us a Safety Story on 5 May, 4:00 pm GMT+2

Sleeping beauty : can she awake ? Dr Itai Gueta is Senior Physician and Researcher, Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Internal Medicine, Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel Case presentation and actions to be taken to minimize or prevent the risk to happen again . An ISOP ISRAEL series To register : click HERE

4 March, Efforts of the UMC to support global vaccine safety by Rebecca Chandler

4 March , 3:00PM CET ISOP March series Vigilance of COVID Vaccine Organised by Latin America ISOP Chapter with the collaboration of ISOP ISRAEL and SIG Vaccine Dr Rebeccca Chandler from the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Sweden, is the Vice-president of ISOP and the coordinator of the ISoP Vaccines SIG To register :

24 February Prof Mariana Castells : Hypersensitivity to mRNA Vaccines

3:00 pm CET ( GMT+1) 11:00 am Buenos Aires 4:00 pm Jerusalem ISOP COVID Vaccines Vigilance series Prof Mariana Castells
Director Drug Hypersensitivity and Desensitization Center, Director Mastocytosis Center Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA All events are recorded and will be available on ISOP YouTube Channel. Organised by the ISOP Latin America Chapter with the collaboration of ISOP Vaccines SIG and ISOP ISRAEL To register :

What do you want to know on COVID Vaccine?

Have a look at our Frequent Asked Questions and myths debugging! Based on scientifc evidence and Vaccine Safety Net Resources Written by ISOP ISRAEL Task Force on Vaccines Peer reviewed by our scientists and healthcare professionals in English and French, soon in Hebrew for general public and professionals And also articles, videos, recommended websites You didn't find your answer , send us your question

VIDEOS DE LA CONFERENCE : "Vaccin COVID : panorama d'un exploit scientifique"

Par Dr Irene Fermont POUR VOIR LES VIDEOS DE LA CONFERENCE ET DES INTERVIEWS , clicker ici De la technologie à l'organisation, comment comprendre ce vaccin qui nous arrive en un temps record ISOP ISRAEL, Midreshet Manitou, Lilmod et Qualita avec les interviews de Prof Gideon Koren Prof Peter Pitts Priya Bahri BIENTOT EN ANGLAIS Soon in English

9 & 16 December: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Pharmacovigilance, Drug-Development,

NASOP( North America ISOP Chapter) Annual Meeting, With the collaboration of Italian and Israeli Chapters, ISOP ISRAEL has invited 2 renowned speakers from our Advisory Board Peter Pitts, President of the Center for Medicine Public interest , and previous FDA Associate Commissioner Prof Gideon Koren, Adelson Faculty of Medicine, Ariel University and Motherisk Israel Program, Shamir Hospital Program available here


COMING SOON, our great project, in collaboration with international institutions Will cover all aspects of vaccination: history, epidemiology, industry, technology, development, public health, ethics, sociology, communication Highlights on the COVID19 vaccines in English


Polypharmacy, Deprescribing is an urgency! Highlight on elderly patients Biopharmaceuticals, Biosimilars: Israel and International Standards 4 hours #polypharmacy #deprescribing #biopharmaceuticals #biosimilars

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